Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday goose

The geese are back. 

They're starting to appear in small clusters along the river. Yesterday I walked by three of them, still as statues. Dum dee dum, what a beautiful day for a jaunt, oh look, three geese perched on rocks, I wonder what's for din -- wait, what?! I stopped in mid-step and looked straight ahead at the closest one. My first goose sighting of the season! Amazing. How are ya, Goosie?

Goosie stared back at me, sideways, out of one onyx eye, flatly underwhelmed by my presence. I'm not sure if it's been in town long enough to expect bread from humans. I think not. It held my gaze a little nervously. It reminded me of a tourist, freshly arrived and stiff from travel and from exercising new-place caution. A tourist who just got into town and doesn't know where to hang out and doesn't want the locals staring at his dumb clothes and untanned skin. But wants to be here.

It appeared on the thin side for a goose. I mean, not really, but the geese fatten up here super well from the lush, possibly genetically modified by experimental farm scientists, grass along the river's edge, and so post-arrival, pre-grass feeding frenzy, it appeared underfed and hungry. Goosie continued to stare at me from its rock until I turned and walked away. Quickly.

Easy run today. Relaxing and hat-free! 20k.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Blueberry breakfast

A day off.
I cook pancakes.
I wish I could eat them all.

Stack em up

They really soak up the maple syrup!

Blue flash in the pan

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet potato and corn patties

// Pan fried //
The recipe made a large batch of raw "dough" that I am more than happy to work through for the rest of the week.

These fried little sweeties taste amazing with a good tart tamarind chutney.

// Plate side //

Monday, March 25, 2013

Looks odd, tastes great

He made it! 

D survived a couple of train fiascoes and found his way to shelter with new friends, red wine and dinner. I'm relieved to hear he got there and was stoked to see a pic of the "pilgrim's meal" he was served: fries, sausage and a blop of a something that might have suggested a new take on mac n' cheese. Or, was inspired by such. I'm sure it would be appetizing if you hadn't had so much as a crumb all day, haha.

Speaking of. I tried a recommended recipe from the Gaz. I think I got the ingredients right because the muffin-y things tasted delicious and I felt happy n' satisfied afterwards. But let's talk presentation. I over-filled the muffin tins with batter, and after rising in the oven they looked like baby aliens erupting from their metal incubation units, shrieking with rage.

Raaaaa!! A face only Sigourney Weaver could love.

Like an alien predator myself, I ripped them apart while still warm and stuffed them into my mouth. Yum yum.

You look tasty and weak. Are you our mom?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rich dinner, poor l'il me

This evening's dinner plate was a showcase of new adventures and comfortable standbys. I cooked up a hot batch of sweet potato and corn patties (photo to come) paired with a couple of cool summer rolls made of buckwheat noodles and tofu. All hand food! Who needs you to have a good time, fork?

The recipe for sweet potato patties I discovered on Budget Bytes, one of a few blogs I've been consulting as I try to save a large - nay, dinosaur-esque - portion of my income, while also shelling out for a few luxuries like an upcoming tramp through Europe and paying those pesky educational fees. The road to financial freedom is as hole-ridden as a colander, but since the shift in vision I'm starting to see evidence of success in the form of healthy bank accounts. How on earth did I have lunch out and buy tons o' clothes and still think of myself as a "saver" all these years? Tsk tsk. Now I'm cutting back on stuff that matters not, like restaurant lunches and mindless shopping, and taking comfort in the fact that our cupboards are well stocked with tins of coconut milk, Cuban coffee beans and spices galore assembled from two kitchens nearly bursting with all the packs of dried herbs a home chef could want. The necessities. Couldn't stage this revolution without 'em.

Alas, 'tis a sad evening for yours truly. D departed today for his solo expedition through France, Spain and his own sweet soul, and now my dining room table looks bare, adorned with just one place mat and one plate. We've shared many dinners facing each other across this wooden table over the last few months. And in a few months more we'll be sharing tapas in southern Europe. I hope the months pass quickly!

Ran 8.75 km today in 50 minutes. Yes, running outside is free but I was too blue to run further. Gah.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When you think you're the worm...

... you might actually be the fish!

I ran 6km tonight after work while the sun still shone, at least for the first half. The days are getting longer and the snow on the canal from the last blizzard blast is melting; I spied one large hole forming in the snow/ice and there could easily be more of them.

The next season feels close by yet hidden, gathering strength in the shadows, gearing up to chase my cherished winter solace away. I don't feel hibernated enough; I don't want winter to leave just yet. Just a few more weeks in the belly of the igloo. Please?