Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brown, black, white & gold

Although we hit the downtown streets as a pack, it's not long before each body is a lone wolf running. My first 20k were dull, lacking energy and nothing special. Then I noticed white people offering samples of ultra-rich chocolate milk, and those two ounces of brown diesel powered my return trip on the canal and may have contributed to my wondrous joy upon turning a corner and seeing what appeared to be three thin humanoids walking stiltingly, jovially, perhaps four metres in height. They were dressed entirely in white flowing garments and matching top hats, and I thought they might have been the hallucinatory product of the long run, but I decided they were material beings on stilts when the male gallantly approached me and took my hand in his. The gesture as well as the sight of my fuzzy black gloved hand encased inside his two smooth white hands almost sent me reeling, so I smiled and withdrew, heading back to meet the pack and hug a white mug of black gold with both hands.