Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There's no chaotic booze here - um, at work! - but it's to celebrate that taxes have been filed before the due date and that is one heady feeling. I started in on the tax duties before yesterday, and then last night I felt I should look things over before I submitted the file. I was treated to some pre-submission excitement when I realized CRA had my previous address and not my current one, and I wouldn't be able to file until that matter was, ahem, addressed. I spent some time waiting on the line. All done now.

Even after that mental weight was lifted and I was giddy with irresponsibility once again I didn't sleep well. I fell into more than a few reality-based dreams, the kind where I find myself involved in banal activities the same as in my waking life: waiting for an elevator, or completing a crossword puzzle. I feel cheated, slighted even, when Morpheus, playing the punishing parent, prevents me from trekking across a Fellini dreamscape at night. As though I am a toddler attempting to stray across a highway. All I want to do is to explore the absurd side of the moon, man.

When my alarm freaked I pushed myself out of superboring dreams and right into my running kicks and tackled the 5k loop. It was warm. I wore my skirt. Last week, I wore substantially more, including a hat and gloves. Spring is like that. Yesterday I did some shoulder work and I still feel a little tender. Love that.

Monday, April 15, 2013


My fitness goals fell beneath the treads of a tank last week. Things to do and people to see. Now that all of that is over with, I have some space to think about how this week will shape up. I started the day with a 5k run, so things are looking up.

Actually I shelved running for the past two weeks, even going so far as to miss two long runs in a row. Sometimes I can't go running when I think that I should be doing something else. Usually that's school work. It's a type of misplaced guilt mixed with procrastination and a dash of fatigue. Anyway, a couple of long runs should be easy to bounce back from, and anyway I still have time to prep for a marathon this year if I find one. Without considering any constraints, my preference is the east coast race my good friend is training for. Unfortunately the mid-summer trek to smalltown NS might prove too difficult to integrate into my as yet undetermined plans. I'd rather wait for a race that's closer to home.

For the week ahead, I'd like to run on the odd mornings, and tackle two Z-wows on the mornings in between. I have no social commitments or school deadlines this week - what a gift! - so I should be able to go to bed early every night, plus a yoga class! Now that is something to be excited about.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Woozy doozy

I didn't tackle another Z-wow workout this morning after being so dedicated the last two days. This morning I woke up feeling not exactly tired, more like spread too thin after last night's long spin class, so instead I grabbed some hand weights and did a shoulder workout that I have done before. I will try not to judge myself. The day's not over and I can still do a workout later. I have my sights set on #14. It's a doozy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step it up

It's Tuesday. Back to work (yawn).

I started my morning with the latest Z-wow, a decent 12-minute workout that targets legs and butt. I don't have them, but I could have used heavier weights for the kettle bell squats -- Z rocked a 20+ pound kettle bell while I dawdled along with an 8-pound handweight -- but even with the lighter weight I felt resistance from my muscles, and plus my burpees are much slower than hers (I can do 5 in the time it takes her to complete 10!). I will probably feel those one-leg squats tomorrow. I hope I do.

Like any machine, my body maintains a collection of strengths and weaknesses that it seems loathe to adjust. Long distances can be pulled off without a lot of prep but my muscles are in need of conditioning. You can't grow when you don't experience stress. One day I'd like to go on a severe camping expedition that tests my muscles with Tarzan-like vine swings over raging rivers, rock climbing and hauling my body up cliff ledges. Sounds great, doesn't it? But for now I will try to commit to completing a Z-wow workout each morning of this four-day work week, plus running and cycling after work. It's a jungle out there and I want to get in shape for whatever lies ahead!