Monday, February 10, 2014

But seriously

I wanna get crazy on mugs of beet-apple-ginger juice and go for a long run or dance all night. I don't know if it's the feverish Olympics vibe or the February deep freeze that's to blame. All I know is that lingering over facebook pics of fun parties I've thrown in the past makes me restless and I want to break out, pack up and go. I was just in a fun, warm environment but the vacation clearly did not last long enough.

Avo salad n' fish croquettes at Boater's Grill, Biscayne Bay

A tattoo? Snowboarding lessons? Bird flu? Finishing a story? Whatever's coming, I've got energy and I'm ready for it. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Miami meals, and today

Miami was a blast! 

After standing in a queue of colourful patrons for a while, I was able to order an avocado sandwich through the take-out window at La Sandwicherie, about a block away from our hotel. Inside, just about every surface had been painted:

The sandwich arrived, the size of a small beagle. The avocado and other toppings were jammed into the midsection of an entire loaf of French bread, paired with a small container of dipping sauce with flavours of lemon and dijon. It was enough to fill us both after a morning of watching sky messages (happy birthday, Shaunique!) on the beach.

Another day we wandered around neighborhoods off Biscayne Boulevard, and as the rain started to drop, we found little Andiamo in a palm-treed interstice between Little Haiti and the design district.

We slid into a picnic table in an outdoor but covered seating area and ordered drinks, then went halfsies on a pizza: half pancetta and rosemary potato, and half clam with capers. Salty and satisfying.

My half! Delicious and mostly disappeared.

Today, back on the ranch

I ran about 11k on the treadmill this morning, which felt great. It was less cold this morning and I probably could have run on the canal. Perhaps I'll try that next weekend. Yesterday I skated, and was tickled by a hand-coloured sign hung along the pedestrian bridge: "Marry me, Tia!"