Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paying debts

No story today. It's been a warm n' fuzzy but very busy week so I decided to drop out of whatever the universe had planned for me and cuddle up instead on the couch with my cat and watch a movie with him. OK, I'll be watching the flick and he'll be sleeping but the point is that I took tonight off and am making good use of my lounge time. I don't know what is in store for this blog in the coming months but it's back for now.

I harbor both fond and less than fond memories of running in frigid temperatures last winter, so I splurged on a 3-month membership at a local gym and kicked things off with a 45 minute run while watching Til Debt Do Us Part, which I realize is reality programming but comes off so authentic, with a happy ending (the family digs its way out of debt) and a moral message disguised as a financial one (spending money can make you a bad person and overspending will buy you a one way ticket to hell). From today's episode I learned that families can't afford stay-at-home moms in this economy, a father's blood pressure decreases as he spends time with his toddler, and even you can use your creative talents to earn dough. And the tough love over-all message stresses that one must save all pennies and not spend. Ever. It is a sobering program to view during the days following extravagant holiday present exchanges and tummy-stuffing meals in nice restaurants! But the run was fantastic, and I must say that the return to my former gym felt like a visit to an old friend's home.

I rounded out the run with some ab work from and completed a set of the uneven push ups I saw there. Bodyrock is like Sesame Street for exercise conscious adults.