Thursday, June 30, 2011

More geese

I ran yesterday morning. After the storm the night before, the air was cooler and it was easier to pick up the pace. The last few morning runs were slow adventures; they felt like opportunities to test how much water your clothes could hold and still hang on you. But yesterday I felt lighter and of course drier. The geese are still around, wandering all over the paths, and I think some of the adults are raising their second batch of babies. I'm not sure why people find them exasperating. They're messy and they require path users to slow down and take care, especially the cyclists, but they seem to know that they have a right to be there, just like the rest of us. You gotta respect that. Yesterday I watched a cyclist almost mow down a goose that was trying to cross the path. It was a close call.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I ran this morning and my clothes were drenched within minutes. I don't mind the humidity most of the time since I live underground, in a way. A friend gave me a fantastic bottle of wine that tastes very complex, and I drank a glass last night and another tonight. Drinking this wine is like hanging out with Jackson Pollack: you suspect that a lot lies below the surface but you're not sure you can appreciate the complexity. Anyway, the wine is delicious. It tastes very grown up to me. I have been following a grown-up tangent lately and it feels refreshing, like I'm ready for it. I still eat PB&B sandwiches though, and jujubes, and I still steal the blankets at night. I think being an adult means also being a child and a teenager, too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dig in

Now you see it...

It was one of those life-sustaining runs. I left Mr. P to his nap this morning and met up with the Gaz downtown for a nice long Saturday haul. Humid but not too hot, we fell into a good pace and let our noses find the paths. A short cut here, a walk up a steep climb there. Sometimes a run is good because of what you don't do. On the way home I stopped at a yard sale, and a woman gave me a book because she had loved it and wanted me to read it and love it, too. you don't!