Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red lights and blue rare

Winter evening runs along the canal can be lonesome adventures, but when the canal is open, the skaters make good company. I ran along the path in one direction, and then descended to the ice for the return journey as a reward. I love the feeling of ice beneath my feet, light and hard at the same time, and the snow-encrusted ice on the shoulder gives firm traction. Tonight I held a red light (from my bike) in one mittened hand. I kept it on a superfast flicker, and I think this made me more visible. 24k and no close calls! I think it was cold: I could hear ice rattling in my water bottle.

Afterwards I tore through some leftovers, but had there been a genie present, I would have made a wish to relive this Miami meal: wasabi-covered tuna. The server cautioned me that this fish dish is served blue-rare. I'm glad I went for it: the tuna was soft and forgiving, and melted in the mouth. I polished it off before I had a chance to ask for a side of extra wasabi.

The tuna rested on a bed of plain white rice, which in turn was supported by something unexpected: a puddle of butter! It was a moat of melted better with some swimming matchstick veggies. Maybe the fat was provided as a side dish, to balance the huge hunk of lean protein....? Who knows. Oh, and the beer was incredibly delicious. I think this was our Christmas eve feast!

// Cuz sometimes a girl needs a hearty dose of blue-rare. //