Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drank the whole thing

A long run in the spring sunshine lures the thirst outa me, and a few hours later I walked to the neighborhood health store and bought this bottle of pineapple juice, popped the lip and drank the whole thing, juice glass-free like a crazed chimpanzee...glug glug glug.

3 seconds later the the nausea hit. Come on! That was a lot of pineapple juice at once.

Today's run: Plowed through 3 gels in 31k; lots of small dogs in pastel sweaters, their feet moving at the speed of light to keep up with their humans. Far too many baby strollers the size of 18-wheelers helmed by yuppie hetero couples carrying matching to-go coffee cups like bamboo torches. You guys give me the shivers and make me transfer to the road to run with the cars.

"With fire in my lungs tonight I travel at/
the speed of light"
- Buck 65

Monday, March 7, 2011

Get set...

That half banana on the middle shelf?
Means it's a party.