Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rainy run

The rain was light, consistent, and refreshing. A sharp contrast to energy-stealing sunshine. I followed sections of bike path in directions that don't provide shade on hot sunny days but have plenty to offer otherwise, like nearby trees with leaves so broad I felt small as a smurf, and great views of the river, grey and choppy from the bursts of wind.

My GPS gave up along the route, leaving me to do some fancy math in my head to evaluate how far I had run and when to take my second gel (apple cinnamon, a new flavour I feel no ill will towards yet). I think I got the distance right, or at least close, but I doubt my calculations based on feeling: I feel MUCH TOO GOOD to have run 26 km - and on just one bottle of water. (Not a single refill!) Blame it on the rain. Last week I worked hard to meet the 25k goal, and by run's end I looked like a Mad Max creature burnt from all that apocalyptic radiation.

Today: 26 km
Weekly total: 36 km  

:: Friday night cheese & cosmo combo ::

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