Sunday, June 14, 2015

One gel run

I blasted out 23km today, the longest distance in quite a while. Or so squawks the quads. Left home around 630 pm even though the sky was growing more overcast by the minute. I felt sure the rain would hold off until I was back home. It was a single gel run, surprising since this distance would normally require two shots. Lately I haven't been taking the second gel and I haven't noticed any ill effects. Is that a sign I'm eating too much sugar? Since the toaster joined my kitchen appliance family the Nutella jar in the fridge has been gradually looking more empty (heavenly on toast with banana slices) and I recently discovered the delicate cinnamon brioche at Evilbucks. Maybe I need to reign back on the sweets for a while. (A short while.)

The minute I got home I dove into a bowl of kale salad in a delicious dressing made by one awesome salad chef. And some cookies. ;)

Long run: 23k
Weekly total: 49k

Friday night chips n beer

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