Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunny with a side of geese

We were treated to double digit temps today! 

I ran along paths and in parks unvisited during the last six months of seasonal incarceration. Lots of happy people in this city today, and if they weren't biking or walking they were firing up the barbie and grilling animal slabs. 

All that snow was unmeltable in the course of a single warm day. Snow is still everywhere and the canal remains half frozen like a chunky brown margarita. I was running slowly, feeling sunshine on my bone-white legs (yup, wore shorts!), savouring the primal scents of said BBQ adventures, and...slipping on ice? A few geese have arrived to check out the ice floes, walking cautiously, a little to new to town to look the local humans in the eye and spit. All in good time. 

Despite a hangover and a low grade IT band issue on one leg my run went super well. After returning home I sat in a hot bath and thought about life.

Weekly total: 37k

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